About ...with tears of love

...with tears of love was created by award winning parenting blogger, Christie Burnett, after she lost her second child, a baby boy at 16 weeks gestation.  Christie says,

"After blogging about our loss, I was so thankful for the support I felt knowing that my little family was in the hearts and minds of so many parents from all around the world.  I wanted to create a special place for other mums (and dads) to share their stories and feel that same love and support.

Losing a baby can feel like the most isolating experience in the world and in the days immediately following our loss I searched the internet for stories of other mothers who had been where I was. I ached for a sense of connection within my loneliness. I needed to know that there were others out there who understood, that I was not alone in what I was feeling, and I needed to find hope that I would come out of the other side.

And although everyone's story is different, reading about the experiences of others has helped me. And continues to. I hope sharing my experience will help someone else too. But I want more than that, I want to feel that something good has come out of my loss, I want to reach out and let others know that they are not alone in their grief, and that is where the idea for ...with tears of love grew from."

... with tears of love
Sharing, supporting and understanding ~ stories of baby loss.

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