Not making a sound

The world keeps on turning, around and around,
And your heart keeps on breaking, not making a sound,
You know it cant last, you'll recover one day,
And you know that they're right with the things that they say,
"It's for the best" "just not meant to be"
But inside you're screaming "but why to me?"

And you know that in time the sun will come out,
Your pain still a whisper but at least not a shout,
You'll never forget the dark shadows of this,
The truth is you'll never feel their soft kiss,
And you keep on thinking "What if?" and "Why not?"
The "Why cant I be happy with what I HAVE got?"

But really they're right with the things that they say,
Though accepting that now seems a long way away,
The pains still too raw, the anger too deep,
So tired of grieving yet not ready to sleep,
You want to move on, get back on your feet,
But you're scared of forgetting their memory, so sweet,

And although their time was so basic and brief,
That still doesn't lighten the unbearable grief,
You sit there and think "There are worse off than me"
"A bit of perspective's what there needs to be"
There are days that you think "I'm feeling alright"
But then you feel guilty for feeling so bright,

And even those closest think it's time to move on,
That the time for wailing has now been and gone,
Dont punish them though, they're just caring for you,
Want to end all the pain that you're going through,
Feel that if you just start living your life,
You'll return somehow into their sparkling wife,

Well maybe they're right, what else can you do?
One step, than another, keep plodding through,
Some will be dark days, some not so bad,
But in time the good days will out-number the sad,
So your life goes on now, decisions to make,
And you're bright and you're bold, for everyone's sake,
And the world keeps on turning, around and around,
But, at times, you sit weeping, not making a sound

Submitted by Lesley.


Kakka said...

WOW how powerfully true is that poem. Thanks Lesley for sharing. xxx

mamamia said...

beautifully written!

thank you

AJ said...

Thank you. I'll be sharing this with my cousin who lost her twin boys Jack and Sam at 19 weeks + 1 day.

Anonymous said...

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