To My Angel

I lost my little angel before she reached 12 weeks. Apparently that makes me lucky because I didn't have enough time to get really attached.
The pain I felt burnt me from the inside out.
We recently gave birth to a little baby girl. I held my breath for 9 months, praying that nothing would go wrong.
She is perfect. Just like my first. I know this even though I never met her. Call it mothers bias if you will!
Here is my letter to her... 
Dearest Angel of Mine,

It will be a long time until we meet, not the nine months I originally envisioned.

When you were tucked up in the safety of my womb I dreamt of what your life would be. I dreamt of the future, of your future, of our future together.

You made your father and I so happy, even if it was only for a short while, you were real and so is our love for you.

I bled for you. I cried for you. I mourned your passing loudly, quietly, openly and in private.

I think about you all the time. I take comfort in knowing you will never feel any pain. Never know rejection or embarrassment or fear. But you know love because we love you. We will always love you.

We will meet again in heaven, finally, I will hold you in my arms. Until then, know that your mother loves you, and that love is eternal.

All my heart,

Submitted by Aly via email.

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