Words of Advice

About a year ago now I had some friends go through miscarriage/ectopic pregnancies all around the same time. I remember my words were "I hope I never have to go through this."

Two months ago I did.... went for a scan and the gestational sac was empty. The doc called it a mis-miscarriage. I was devastated and heartbroken. The grief was so real. It turns out that the gestational sac had formed but the baby never really did.

The physical stuff was nothing compared to the emotional. I will heal, it will be a process. For us, it was the loss of the idea of the baby, all our talk had been around new bigger car, car seat, how our two sons would handle a younger sibling etc.

The grief is real, if you have friends going through this there are some ways you could support them. Cook them a meal, offer to look after older children, buy them flowers. Offer to listen. Don't be strange around them if you are pregnant or have a baby, they don’t want you to be weird around them, they just need you to be you during this time.

Submitted by Dansie via Childhood 101.

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