Missing my Princess

I loved you as soon as I had learned
that you were growing within me.
In that moment I became a mother.

I day dreamed about you.
In my mind's eye
I imagined you
and looked forward
to feeling you grow within me.

In my mind's eye
I imagined holding you
and looked forward
to the first time
I would lay eyes on you.

But it all remained
in my mind's eye.

I did not feel you grow within me.
I did not hold you.
I have never laid eyes on you.

But in the moment
I knew you existed
You were in my heart.

My heart aches
that you are not with me.

There are so many memories
that will never be created.
And the longing in my heart
to hold you remains.

I know that one day
I will hold you.
I know that one day
I will lay eyes on your
beautiful face.

You are being cared for by angels.
And I will be with you
for Eternity sweet child.

The pain of separation
although at times unbearable
is being healed by the One
who made a way for us
to be together for Eternity.
The One you are with right now.

I love you my child.
I miss you my Princess.
I will always be your Mother.
You will always be in my heart.

This post originally appeared on Jo-Anne's blog, Princess Warrior Lessons.
Photo source: Mark Valli

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