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The following are a number of new links which have been submitted to With Tears of Love by readers or friends.  If you have a story or link to share as a parent or family member who has experienced miscarriage or pregnancy loss, please contact us here.

This Dirty Word: a post by Irma Gold on the Overland blog, sharing her personal story of miscarriage
"This morning I stood in my sun-drenched garden thick with the perfume of jonquils. Everywhere around me was new life. The apple trees full of tight little buds, grass thick and bright from recent rain, the birch tree trailing bushy new growth. And on this day filled with lushness my baby was due to be born.

Except that he or she won’t be, because at 12 weeks I miscarried."
Irma is currently editing an anthology of real-life stories about miscarriage to be published by Mostly for Mothers, an imprint of Wombat Books, and is calling for submissions.  Details can be found here.

A Sense of Loss That Has No Name: a post by Megan Gressor on about the impact of her unborn baby sister's death on herself and her family.
"EVERY FAMILY HAS its secrets; ours had three. The first was that my father's name wasn't the one that appeared on his birth certificate. The second was that his father, my grandfather, whom I'd always been told was dead, was very much alive, if forever off-stage; something I didn't discover until adulthood. And the third was my sister, Catherine, who died at birth and was never mentioned by name again."
Bears of Hope: support and information for parents who experience the loss of a baby during pregnancy, birth or infancy. 

Please visit our "links of support" page for further links.

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